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We are Shaun (videographer) and Šárka (photographer), a husband & wife duo who, despite being from opposite ends of the world, met each other and let the magic happen. We LOVE being creative, meeting new people and going on awesome adventures 🙂 We are currently based in Cape Town but available worldwide! Let's get cr8tive and be friends!
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Fact #1: We are the proof that (super) long-distance relationships can work! As we come from the opposite ends of the world.

We are a husband and wife who come from the opposite ends of the earth, Czech Republic and South Africa, but still found a way to be with each other :). We met for the first time in East London, SA.
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Fact #2: Who's the videographer?

Shaun is a passionate surfer, coffee lover, Netflix fan and you most likely will only see him without his snapback hat on at weddings :))
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Fact #3: Who's the photographer?

The curly haired girl, Šárka (prounced: Shark-a), is a passionate wanderlust, snowboarding and fitness lover, she loves healthy food and most of the time you will find her with a huuuge mug of tea in her hands 🙂
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Fact #4: We got married on April Fool's Day.

We got married in Cape Town in 2018, and it was the best day of our lives so far. The day was filled with love, joy and so many special moments. We want you to experience such an amazing time during your day too! And, we would absolutely love to capture it for you.
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Fact #5: We LOVE what we do!

Visual art is not only what we do for living but most importantly our biggest PASSION!

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