Colourful Hindu Wedding: Lash & Max

Colourful Hindu Wedding

We love capturing different weddings and getting to know new cultures.

What an absolutely amazing experience to be a part of such a beautiful and colourful celebration!

Lash and Max’s wedding ceremony was filled with special lifelong promises, deeper thoughts, radiant colours, lovely people and lots of love! And, they both looked breathtaking!

What a celebration and a day to remember!

Thank you to Salt n’ Pepper Photography for contacting us to shoot with them.

De Charmoy Estate

“You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars.”

details bride golden jewellery getting ready for hindu wedding_capetown_photographer_parfume_ _capetown_photographer_parfume_hindu bride wedding rings bride spraying parfume on shoes, cologne, tie, sunglasses, belt groom indian details placed on green bush_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu wedding groom tying shoes and getting ready_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian bride is getting ready for ceremony in front of mirror_capetown_photographer_parfume_ groom holding tie and getting ready_capetown_photographer_parfume_ details of hindu indian red and golden jewellery and bridesmaid with bride squad robe_capetown_photographer_parfume_ groom getting ready tying his shoes for his hindu ceremony_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian bride details_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian wedding paintings henna on palms details_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindi indian bride and groom in embrace bride is smiling_cr8tiveduo_capetown_photographer bride and groom hindu wedding red saris_capetown_photographer_parfume_ double exposure hindu indian wedding details jewellery bride and groom_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu couple indian wedding bride and groom walking in their wedding attire_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu bride and groom eskimo kisses_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu bride and groom hugging and smiling_capetown_photographer_parfume_ double exposure bnw photo hindu indian bride and groom looking at each other_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu bride and groom being close and laughing whilst posing_capetown_photographer_parfume_ durban kwazulunatal hindu indian wedding ceremony_capetown_photographer_parfume_ durban kwazulunatal hindu indian wedding ceremony details hinduism elephant_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hinduism hindu wedding indian girls in saris holding baskets with confetti_capetown_photographer_parfume_ Hindu traditions grooms mother touching his forehead smoke_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian girl walking down the aisle and throwing confetti_capetown_photographer_parfume_ indian hindu bride walking down the aisle_capetown_photographer_parfume_ details hindu hennaed hands and saris_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu wedding indian traditions ceremony_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu wedding traditions holding hands and pouring water_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu ceremony bride and groom sitting indian traditions_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu ceremony bride and groom holding hands_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu ceremony indian wedding tradition bride and groom holding hands and walking around_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian ceremony throwing popcorn into fire_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian groom putting ring on bride finger_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian bride and groom praying wedding ceremony_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian bride hugging her mother_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian ladies in saris posing_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian groom kissing bride on cheek bride smiling for camera cr8tive duo_capetown_photographer_parfume_ hindu indian wedding ceremony bride and groom sitting on golden bench and looking at each other_capetown_photographer_parfume_