Helicopter Flight with Picnic in the Drakensberg

Drakensberg Helicopter Flight with a Picnic

Amazing Christmas Gift for June & Tony

A few weeks ago, Cr8tive Duo got an absolutely amazing opportunity. Capturing a romantic picnic date on the top of the Drakensberg mountains. It was a place where only birds and helicopters can get 🙂

The photographed couple, June & Tony, got an awesome Christmas present from their oldest son and his family last year. A Helicopter Flight with Picnic at Cathedral Peak Hotel in the Drakensberg, and they decided to fully “open” this present with us!

Our journey started with a drive to the helicopter take-off spot in the Cathedral Peak Hotel, continued with the preparation for the take-off, setting up the headsets, warming up the helicopter’s wings and up here we went to the birds’ zone…

The views left us completely speechless! We landed in a beautiful spot between the mountain tops with a stunning 360-degree view. June and Tony enjoyed their picnic, whilst we took photos of them and the views…

The flight back was as smooth and incredible as the previous one and we enjoyed every single minute of this amazing experience.

What an epic adventure, don’t you think so?! 😍

Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot-View Helicopter-shadow-flight-south africa- drakensberg Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot-Walking Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-view-top-panorama-photo



Drakensberg-Lady Bug-On-Finger Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot-View Drakensberg-Couple-Photoshoot-Dancing-on-the-top-of-the-mountain Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot-Dancing Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot-Walking Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot-kiss-mountain-view-top Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot-Panorama-View Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Basket Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot-cheers-champagne Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-View Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-View_Onboard Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-View Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-View-Onboard Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-View Drakensberg-Helicopter-Flight-Picnic-Couple-Photoshoot