Intimate Elopement in Llandudno and Chapman’s Peak, Cape Town: Michaela & Jordan

Intimate Elopement in Llandudno and Chapman’s Peak

Michaela & Jordan’s Secret Elopement Wedding in Cape Town

Michaela and Jordan, initially, had very different plans for their wedding day. Though, nobody knew that a pandemic is about to happen. As a result of this, they decided to downsize their guest list to just their wedding officiant and us. It was a big secret. Nobody knew that they are about to get married and have an intimate elopement.

We felt so honoured to be part of this big decision and such a special day in their life. Their elopement was beautifully intimate filled with so many raw emotions and love. We helped them to decide on their ceremony and creative photoshoot location. Llandudno and Chapman’s peak scenic views were perfect for it!

In the end, they said that it was exactly what they wanted for their wedding day to be like. It was about them and their love, nothing and no one else. The way that every wedding should be about – the couple and their love story.

Michaela and Jordan wrote such wholehearted vows to each other and they truly enjoyed every moment of their intimate special day.

So as we did! We had such a great time with them. We are certain that our photos and elopement film speak louder than words.

Enjoy 🙂


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