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Signal Hill Suprise Romantic Proposal

Secret Proposal in Cape Town

Kim and her best friends came all the way to Cape Town from New York to explore the city for their holidays. 
Little did Kim know that her girlfriends, in the meantime, had a secret plan with her boyfriend Mike for him to fly down to Cape Town to surprise her with a marriage proposal. It was such a sweet and romantic gesture from him. We helped him to choose the best location and plan where and how to hide him and entertain the girls before the grand entrance for his proposal moment. When Kim saw Mike behind the bush, where he was hiding, she could not believe her eyes at first but then she couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him. She was definitely over the moon and even more when he popped the question and she shouted ‘YES’.

It was so beautifully emotional and joyful.

Mike and Kim make such a gorgeous couple and we are so happy for them! We also feel very grateful for being a part of this amazing surprise 💝

Congratulations, Kim & Mike on your engagement! Hope you had the best time in beautiful South Africa! x

“You give me feelings I can’t put into words.”

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