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Secret Proposal in Cape Town

A Couple from Singapore Getting Engaged in South Africa

What about flying down from Singapore to get engaged in one of your bucket list cities – Cape Town?  Oh yes, please! 🙂

When Nigel contacted us that he is planning a secret proposal trip to Cape Town for his girlfriend Megan, we got super excited about capturing this special moment for them!

It was their first time travelling to South Africa. Megan didn’t even know where they are flying to, and she found out only at the airport. Little did she know it was not the only surprise prepared for her…

We all wanted to keep the proposal as a secret until the very last moment, so we played a bit of an act for Megan. Shaun was our local Cape Town guide, and I was a fellow photographer tourist joining them for a tour. Megan did not have a single clue that we all hatched this plan for her until the knee-dropping moment…

It was such an amazing moment, and we so enjoyed capturing this special milestone in Megan and Nigel’s life.

Congratulations guys!  You’re awesome!

“Will you marry me?”

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