Secret Proposal at Chapman’s Peak: Carmen and George

Romantic Secret Proposal at Chapman’s Peak Scenic Drive

Carmen and George met during their yachting time in the Carribiens. George comes from South Africa and Carmen is from England. During their recent visit to South Africa, Carmen had been shown around the beautiful places of the Western Cape province. Little did she know that George had already contacted us to plan this super-secret proposal moment for her.

This proposal was extra special to us as George is our friend who we hadn’t seen in a long time. Therefore, when he reached out to us we immediately said yes and got very excited for him.

He chose the stunning Chapman’s Peak Scenic Drive. We absolutely loved the idea and already knew about a spot that would be perfect for the proposal and later for the shoot.

We did not want Carmen to see us with our cameras before the big moment and so we hid and waited for the big moment. She had absolutely no clue till the very moment what was about to come, which made it so special and rewarding for George (and us). 🙂

It really was one of those picture-perfect days where everything went according to the plan and we just had so much fun with the couple during the entire shoot.

Thank you so much Carmen & George for being such an amazing couple and allowing us to document this magical moment in your lives.

We are so looking forward to seeing you both again and wish you the best of luck with the planning ahead for what we are sure will be an unforgettable wedding.

See their proposal video here.💕

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